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Remains Inc.

Creativity With Conscience


Combatting waste through creative upcycling and reuse.

Style and Sustainability


The quintessential blend of style and sustainability: Remains, Inc. is a partnership between artist Deborah Hartigan Viestenz and Gary Buckner, founder of Stash Design. “A million beautiful things can be done with what we take for granted—and throw away—every day.” Compelling art can come from the most unexpected places—even waste. Our vision is tri-fold:
• Contribute to the reduction of waste in the DFW area.
• Promote environmental thinking
• Offer support to our local communities
The Problem


The United States product 228,614,990 tons of Municipal Solid Waste per year—yet our recycling rate is only 23.8%. While Texas has made efforts to reduce and manage waste, there’s still work to be done. The state’s inequitable approach to waste management affects citizens on many levels—economically, for one. According to The Institute for Local Self Reliance, only one job is created for every 10,000 tons of garbage, whereas recycling and reuse creates 10 to 200 times that many. At a time when the country is seeing unprecedented threats to employment, waste reduction becomes even more crucial.
Value from Waste


Remains, Inc. is committed to: 1) Creatively create something of value from waste; 2) Assist in the creation of new jobs — regardless of economic and education stature; 3) Donate a portion of art sales to like-minded, sustainably-minded organizations and Dallas-based homeless initiatives. Demonstrating unity and solidarity, each sculpture in the “Unchained” collection fuses together waste materials to form a body of strength granting freedom to those with vision. Repurposed scrap metal was saved before heading to a scrapyard (where it’s valued at nine cents per pound), a landfill or China.
Beauty in Giving


The core message: Experience the beauty in art and in the art of giving. Existing projects include collaborations with the Turtle Creek Association and the Thanks-Giving Foundation for Thanksgiving Square. We’re also on tap to work with another non-profit dedicated to aiding those with no resources or little hope for a life with even the most basic human essentials. In line with Remains, Inc.’s mission—Create Art, Create Jobs, Create Homes—we’re sought out by like-minded organizations. We love to get involved at the conceptual stage, working hand-in-hand with clients to refine their vision. As part of the process, we provide presentation materials including CAD visuals to assist in fundraising efforts.

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