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About Deborah


“It seems I never had a choice about being creative. My mind seemed to work differently than other children’s. I was happiest down at the brook at the end of the street I grew up on, watching water, rocks and patterns created by the shifting water’s path.” Encouraged by her parents, Deborah joined the Rock Club in the fifth grade. Other kids thought it was a rock music club, so she was the only student lucky enough to have the teacher’s weekly attention.

“I learned more about the effects of water and other abrasives on my treasured stones—tumbling, polishing and exposing their hidden glories.”

She credits her grandmother Rosemary, an accomplished artist, for teaching her the joys of patience, perseverance and pride. At that time, Deborah was also taking oil painting lessons three times a week from a local master. “I wanted to learn to paint what I saw.” After attending Boston College, she received her BFA from Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford.  Deborah also studied graphic design while living in London and attended NYU School of Business,


“We are touched by what we see every day: Birds, grass, trees, lakes, oceans, stone. Water on our hands and bodies. Sunlight warming our skin. Darkness making us seek light. My goal is to express the emotional feelings of wonder and admiration of these natural elements, events and occurrences—to have the viewer experience a different way of seeing.”

Presently based in Dallas, Deborah’s works are collected privately, nationally and internationally. She also has worked with the Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs, Frisco Association For the Arts, Fort Worth Community Arts Center, Thanks-GIVING Foundation and Bonton Farms in their charitable advocacy, outreach and education endeavors. Accolades include numerous juried exhibitions among others.

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